Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reaching More Customers

When I first started Cork Cove Furniture five years ago, I needed a website. The estimates I received started at $2,000, and the high quote of $5,000 was just to get in the door.

My brother Nate has developed a clean, professional website template, which is programmed for the non-tech user to be able to maintain and update. The website comes with a CMS which tracks visitors and uploads their information to the Hidden Equity CRM. In addition to these essential marketing components, Nate's SEO plan clears the path to developing and maintaining a presence in search results by utilizing the latest social media integration platforms and practices.

Google is the new Yellow Pages.

In case that didn't resonate; Google is the new Yellow Pages.

The World Wide Web is the new marketing medium, and Hidden Equity is your source for tapping into it to make yourself known, getting to know those who find you there, and strengthening the relationships founded there.

There are many other companies out there doing what we are doing. Few, however, have put their real-world knowledge behind their programming into a format which the non-technical user can use, at a price that I have yet to see matched.

If I had come across a company like Hidden Equity five years ago, I would have signed up. For zero, to $500 down, and $200/m? Absolutely.

Please follow www.hiddenequity.com, if not yet for becoming a customer, at least for the online marketing techniques our competitors wish we wouldn't show. They are tried and tested, and we use them ourselves.

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